Le patrimoine du Guillestrois

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Icône représentant : fortificationArtillery store

More informationVillage of Mont-Dauphin
Also called an artillery store, the arsenal is a logistically essential building serving as both warehouse and repair workshop for weapons, it is located near the northeast ramparts in the area of the fort most difficult to access. It is built on two vaulted levels to resist explosions.

Icône représentant : fortificationBatterie de canon

More informationVillage of Mont-Dauphin
The batteries were an essential part of the defense system designed by Vauban. They allowed the firing of long-range guns under the bastions, including the “83” or so-called “Broom”, which fired from the Burgundy half-bastion. Its construction began in 1781 but it was not finished until 1880 because of lack of funds.

Icône représentant : fortificationRochambeau barracks

More informationVillage of Mont-Dauphin
Rochambeau barracks are built on the ramparts, hence the lack of windows on the exposed side. It dates from the mid 18th century. 
This building attracts visitors because of its remarkable wooden structure inspired by Philibert Delorme - an ingenious 16th century architect – that consists of an assembly of 1m20 planks held together by wedge keys.

Icône représentant : fortificationPavillon des officiers

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Officer’s quarters were a modest 60m² apartment but they were much better off than the troops who slept 40 to a 12 m² dormitory! Each apartment consisted of two rooms with a fireplace, office and indoor latrines. One room served as an antechamber and bedroom for a valet or batman.

Icône représentant : fortificationThe Campana barracks

More informationVillage of Mont-Dauphin
The Campana barracks – dating from 1695 onwards – are the oldest on the fortress. 
They are built close to the ramparts and battle stations, and provided poor comfort and poor hygiene to the soldiers billeted there. Meals were prepared in the fireplace and there were no other kitchen facilities. Latrines are suspended over the escarpment.

Icône représentant : fortificationWater supply

More informationVillage of Mont-Dauphin
The Binot barracks - built from 1700 onwards – is an unremarkable building that cannot be visited because it is still used by the Army as a holiday home. The buildings are the standard modules designed by Vauban and are offset on the steep slope.