The project

"BAROULADE" development of Guillestre history in the digital age

The Guillestre digital heritage project was designed to address two major concerns:  conservation and enhancement of the remarkable heritage of the Communauté de communes du Guillestrois.

The aims of the project revolve around two themes:

  • Preserve the local territorial identity by the creation of a database containing ancient documents and oral / video testimony.
  • Promote discovery of local history through the creation of guided tours with multimedia content and mobile tools for a new and exciting way to explore the area.


For the Communauté de commune du Guillestrois Baroulade is:

  • A database proposing 70 different heritage sites with nearly 500 annotations (photos, oral histories, videos, historical documents, etc..) And thirty local services (tourist offices, town halls, car parks etc.).
  • A photographic exhibition entitled "The Heritage of Guillestre: yesterday and today ... By its inhabitants" Composed of 16 portraits of local residents and their vision of one of the heritage sites that they know well.

But it is mainly:

  •  The "Baroulade" mobile application to explore the heritage of the Guillestre area following Guilhem’s quest via three guided tours;
  • A "Baroulade" website to view and download the guided tours, to access the heritage database as well as contribute and exchange information about GuillestreHeritage 

Regional "eServices & Territories" program

“eServices & Territories" is one of the features of the regional "Territiore Numérique” (Digital Community) program launched in 2009 by the Conseil régional Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur  to contribute to the development and use of IT to help boost local development. The "eServices & Territories" program aims to promote the deployment of online services for the population the PACA region and promote the exchange of data and deployment of digital tools at a regional level.

" Territories & eServices" encourages work on themed projects. The current theme is "Cultural heritage and development." One reason for the choice of this theme is the use of information technology for the development, conservation and management of heritage. These ideas are applied in conjunction with ideas such as the attractiveness of a region, development of tourism, access to culture, etc..

"Guillestre digital heritage project" is one of 17 projects currently funded by both the Region and Europe (FEDER).

Presentation of the projects supported by the Regional site «Emergences Numériques» (Digital Emergence)