How to get here ?

Welcome to my home! In the 13th century, I was a shepherd in this area and I went to all the local farm markets, then I started to preach in the churches ... So you could say I know my way around. Of course things have changed but there are still plenty of relics from my day. Anyway lets start with getting here...

The Guillestre area (or “Guillestrois” in French) is made up of 8 villages within the administrative boundaries of the “Communauté des Communes du Guillestrois”: Eygliers, Guillestre, Mont-Dauphin, Réotier, Risoul, Saint-Clément-sur-Durance, Saint Crispin and Vars.

The tops of the surrounding mountains reach 3 385 m and the Durance and Guil river valleys are at 858 m. Situated between the Parc régional du Queyras and the Parc national des Ecrins, the Guillestre area is full of stunning natural scenery to admire and explore, all bathed in glorious alpine sunshine for 300 days of the year.

Carte des Hautes-Alpes, zoom sur la vallée de Guillestre

By road

  • From Italy or Briançon, via Saint Crépin
  • From Gap, via Saint Clément-sur-Durance
  • From Italy, Barcelonnette via Vars
  • From Italy, Queyras, via Guillestre

Traffic info : Info route 05

By train

  • Local trains stop at Eygliers, the station is called Montdauphin Guillestre.
  • The Paris-Briançon night train.
  • The closest high-speed TGV stations are Valence, Grenoble, Oulx in Italy (Resalp shuttle service) and Aix en Provence.
  • Further information: SNCF and TER paca

Further information : SNCF and TER paca

By coach

Nearest Airport

Marseille, Lyon, Grenoble and Turin (Italy)

Some distances

  • Briançon : 26 km
  • Gap : 52 km
  • Turin : 138 km
  • Grenoble : 150 km
  • Marseille : 200 km
  • Lyon : 250 km
  • Paris : 700 km