Rent a touch screen tablet

A very odd sort of parchment ...
It is black, you can see your own reflection in it and when you touch it, it speaks, it moves ... There are more spells and strange writings in there than in my priory library! There is also a great system to guide me in my quest. It's called a GPS, if only my lost hand had one!

Arcbos Android Tablet


If, like Guilhem, you do not have a smartphone mobile*, an iPhone, an iPod touch, or touch screen tablet **, or an iPad ... The Communauté des Communes du Guillestrois can provide you with one pre loaded with the Baroulade application ***, 3 multimedia guided tours.

Which tablet?

We have chosen the Archos G9 tablet with wifi (no phone service) with the Android operating system, equipped with a protective film and a cover / case.

Where to pick one up?

From the Info Points at the St Clément-sur-Durance Tourist Office and the Guillestre, Risoul, Vars Ste Marie and Vars les Claux Tourist Offices ... Where to find the Tourist Offices.

When you fancy a 3 to 4 hour informative cultural tour that is also fun in the Guillestre area!
You should make an early start as the tablets can be borrowed for one day only, ring ahead to check availability or reserve to avoid disappointment.


You can borrow the tablet for a day for the sum of 2 euros and signing the Loan Terms and Conditions.
You will need to leave a deposit of 200 euros. The borrower must be an adult.

For more information

* On smartphones
A smartphone is a mobile phone built on a mobile operating system, with more advanced computing capability and connectivity than a feature phone.

On tablets **
A touch screen tablet, also called touch pad, or simply tablet, is a “mobile" computer that looks like a high-tech slate with no keyboard or mouse, whose main interface is a touch screen. The user uses fingers on the screen to replace the mouse. The screen display can be either in portrait or landscape mode by rotating the tablet. Navigation is easier than on a traditional computer.

On mobile applications ***
A mobile application is software application designed run on a mobile electronic device such as a tablet or smartphone. Applications can be downloaded by the user from an online store, such as Google Play or Apple App Store. Some are free like Baroulade while others have to be paid for.

Definitions from Wikipedia ®